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About BCSA


BCSA Limited is the national organisation for the steel construction industry: its Member companies undertake the design, fabrication and erection of steelwork for all forms of construction in building and civil engineering.  Industry Members are those principal companies involved in the direct supply to all or some Members of components, materials or products.  Corporate Members are clients, main contractors, professional offices, and educational establishments etc which support the development of national specifications, quality, fabrication and erection techniques, overall industry efficiency and good practice.

The principal objectives of the Association are to promote the use of structural steelwork; to assist specifiers and clients; to ensure that the capabilities and activities of the industry are widely understood and to provide members with professional services in technical, commercial, contractual, certification and health and safety matters.  The Association’s aim is to influence the trading environment in which member companies have to operate in order to improve their profitability.

Introduction to CRAFT Training

BCSA became a Lantra Corporate Training Provider in October 2016 for the Customised Provision of training for the constructional steelwork industry and the wider steelwork contracting organisations. Following a detailed review of the industry’s needs, it was identified that existing training programmes are not specific to the industry and as a result a suite of industry specific training programmes have been developed.

BCSA is recognised as the authoritative body for constructional steelwork.  It developed and maintains the National Structural Steelwork Specification for building construction which demonstrates its continuing commitment to a qualified workforce and lifelong learning in the constructional steelwork sector. This is supported by the publication of technical, commercial, contractual, health and safety guidance, and codes of practice developed by the members that share their experience, knowledge and understanding of the specific details of the sector needs.

What are the aims of the Customised Provision?

BCSA will promote and support the drive to increase the number of apprentices by creating a recognised and relevant route of qualifying the workforce.  It will also demonstrate that the sector is able to identify relevant task specific training required to enable work to be carried out in a safe and competent manner.

Competence requirements will be confirmed and updated by the BCSA HR and Training Committee and will identify appropriate training resources from existing providers or establish working groups to develop a solution for the training need.

Throughout the process the BCSA HR and Training Committee will ensure that the scheme is focused on the principles of validation by assessment of operating ability and competence, and the raising of standards expected in the constructional steelwork sector.

What are the benefits of the BCSA CRAFT Training?

BCSA aims to provide the following benefits to individuals:

  • Provision of training standards to equip individuals with relevant skills to be employed in the constructional steelwork sector
  • Offer a recognised route to employment to new starters in the sector
  • Improve the opportunities for the up-skilling of existing employees
  • Recognition of skills, competence and qualifications
  • Improved health and safety awareness
  • Improved employment prospects

BCSA aims to provide the following benefits to employers:

  • Identification of operatives with recognised industry skills, competence and qualifications
  • Better quality of workmanship, through standardised training
  • Improved health and safety awareness amongst the workforce in the constructional sector
  • Provision of training standards to equip individuals with relevant skills to be employed within the industry
  • A move to a qualified and certified workforce, which will help to improve customer satisfaction and the industry’s image

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